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Degreaser & Cleaning

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Bike Hand Bike Cleaning Brush YC-769(connected w/water tube)

$ 15.00
Bike Cleaning Brush
Brush can be connected with water tube.

Bike Hand Bike Cleaning Brush YC-792AP

$ 8.00
YC-792AP is shop quality cleaning brush.

Cylion Active Scrub Hand Clean Cream

$ 5.90

Active scrub hand cleaner is especially suitable for clearing oil serious hands. it can rapidly decompose the greasy dirt on hand, after use, make your hands feel moist and natural.
1. sterilize, degreasing, skin care
2. wide range of application, very practical
3. cleaning quickly and easily

Cylion Baking Paint Cleaning Wax

$ 6.50

Decontamination Wax

It can clean the stubborn stains on the bike baking varnish .
Let the bike looks brand-new .

Cylion Big Dipper Multifunctional Chain Cleaner

$ 9.90

The Big Dipper Multifunction Cleaner is a unique and practical tool designed by CYLION through its extensive research on bicycle cleaning methods. The extremely sturdy outer shell is made of Poly carbonate (PC) plastic used in bulletproof materials. The soft brush and sponge are also made with high quality raw materials to make them safe …
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Cylion Bike Tire Polish & Protectant

$ 5.50

CYLION Bike Tire Polish & Protectant is a rubber nourishing agent for bicycle tires which penetrates deep into the inner molecular structure of rubber. It provides a brilliant shine plus long term protection on the surface of a bicycle tire. It slows down the degenerating process to prevent drying and cracking. And most importantly, it …
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Cylion Degreaser For Flywheel & Chain

$ 8.00


Efficient detergent to flywheel & chain.

It is design for  bike chain ,back wheel and  other metal parts .

Dissolve oil dirties.

Remove rust stain.

Remove adhesive.

the formula  is advanced materials  and environmental protection

no harm for hands , non-corroding


Cylion Saddle cleaner & Conditioner

$ 6.90

Leather seats clean cream International top quality leather care. Mild decontamination and deeply nourish. Make the leather soft and luster. it can clean and moist leather or artificial leather, improve the softness of the leather products, gloss and smoothness. Make the leather soft and luster, extend service life. Use on other leathers , such as …
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Decontamination wet handkerchief

$ 4.90

Advantage:washing-free,rapid processing and clean easily, necessary for outdoor cycling.

1. sterilize, degreasing, skin care

2. cleaning easily and quickly

3. washing-free , convenience

4. Pack of 15pcs

Disc Brake Silencer & Cleaner

$ 6.50

For quick and easy cleaning
of disc brakes,
improve braking performance and
reduce brake squeal.

Helmet Disinfecting Foam

$ 9.90

Cleaning and disinfecting foam for helmet interior padding and shells. Cleans, deodorizes effectively. Freshens colors.Can also be used for removable padding. Provides a pleasant, fresh scent.


Liqui Moly Bicycle Cleanr 6053

$ 26.50

Highly effective, biodegradable bike cleaner. Especially designed for extremely dirty bikes. Quickly dissolves and removes mud, dirt, dust, leaves, etc. Leaves no greasy residues and has no influence on braking effect. Note: Do not use under direct heat or on hot paint surfaces!


1 Litre (L)

Rise off coarse contaminants with a jet of water. Spray onto wet surface from approximately 30 cm away. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes to take effect. Don’t leave the cleaner on the bike for much longer than the recommended time. Rinse off bicycle with clear water and dry. Note: Do not use under direct heat or on hot paint surfaces!