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Bike Hand Bike Cleaning Brush YC-769(connected w/water tube)

$ 15.00 $ 8.00
Bike Cleaning Brush
Brush can be connected with water tube.

Bike Hand Bike Cleaning Brush YC-792AP

$ 8.00 $ 5.00
YC-792AP is shop quality cleaning brush.

CorrosionX 100ml

$ 12.00

Safe on Electronics, plastics,paint and wiring. Sticks to metal even in harsh environments for long term protection. Corrosions X is specially designed to displace moisture and stop or prevent rust and corrosion on al types of metal. CorrosionX is well known for its ability to lubricate metal wear surfaces even under extreme loads. lt also …
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Cyliion Teflon Chain Dry Lubricant 30ml

$ 5.90

Cylion Teflon Dry Lubricant is a specialized lubricant used in high-end bicycle chains, transmission gears and other drive train components. DuPont Teflon and other special additives combine to give superior protection against mechanical wear, dust and unwanted noise. Even in rough road conditions and bad weather, the long-lasting performance of Cylion Dry Lubricant will give …
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Cylion Active Scrub Hand Clean Cream

$ 5.90

Active scrub hand cleaner is especially suitable for clearing oil serious hands. it can rapidly decompose the greasy dirt on hand, after use, make your hands feel moist and natural.
1. sterilize, degreasing, skin care
2. wide range of application, very practical
3. cleaning quickly and easily

Cylion Anti Seize Assembly Lube

$ 9.90

Able to Withstand High Temperature & Water Resistance 

Suitable for Titanium, Aluminum, Steel screw.

Cylion Baking Paint Cleaning Wax

$ 6.50

Decontamination Wax

It can clean the stubborn stains on the bike baking varnish .
Let the bike looks brand-new .

Cylion Ceramic Wet Lube 30mL

$ 5.50

Feature:  permanent lubrication , high performance waterproof ,relatively good dustproof performance.

Cylion Degreaser For Flywheel & Chain

$ 8.00


Efficient detergent to flywheel & chain.

It is design for  bike chain ,back wheel and  other metal parts .

Dissolve oil dirties.

Remove rust stain.

Remove adhesive.

the formula  is advanced materials  and environmental protection

no harm for hands , non-corroding


Cylion Lubricating Grease for Bicycle 60g

$ 4.50

CYLION Lubricating Grease for Bicycle represents Cylion’s most advanced bearing lubrication technology. It is a high-quality mineral grease developed from extensive research on the drive train and transmission system of sports bicycles combined with the manufacturing technology of grease in Formula 1 racing. The antioxidant additives make it resistant to high temperatures and mechanical wear …
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Cylion Portable Wipes & Clean Lines

$ 6.90

Product NO. :P04-05
12 pieces and 12 clean lines in a box

Feature : It is design for flywheel to clean and wipe dry the flywheel. Easy to use and very convenient .