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Anti Seize Assembly Lube

$ 9.90

Able to Withstand High Temperature & Water Resistance 

Suitable for Titanium, Aluminum, Steel screw.

Ceramic Wet Lube 30mL

$ 5.50

Feature:  permanent lubrication , high performance waterproof ,relatively good dustproof performance.

CorrosionX 100ml

$ 12.00

Safe on Electronics, plastics,paint and wiring. Sticks to metal even in harsh environments for long term protection. Corrosions X is specially designed to displace moisture and stop or prevent rust and corrosion on al types of metal. CorrosionX is well known for its ability to lubricate metal wear surfaces even under extreme loads. lt also …
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Cyliion Teflon Chain Dry Lubricant

$ 4.90

Cylion Teflon Dry Lubricant is a specialized lubricant used in high-end bicycle chains, transmission gears and other drive train components. DuPont Teflon and other special additives combine to give superior protection against mechanical wear, dust and unwanted noise. Even in rough road conditions and bad weather, the long-lasting performance of Cylion Dry Lubricant will give …
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Cylion Suspension Fork Oil 40ml

$ 5.00

Cylion suspension oil is formulated specifically for all oil damped bicycle forks, which will not be thicken or thin due to the temperature. Its low foam technology delivers consistent and predictable damping in all riding conditions. Whether it is an old bike hidden in the basement or the latest full suspension rig, every cyclist wants …
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