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BB and headset locking tool BB31

$ 12.00

Made of Cr-Mo steel. CP finish.

Made in Taiwan

Bengal B020T Hydraulic Hose Cutter

$ 19.50

Using the knife or scissors may lead to the hose out of shape but B020T mark it easier for you to cut the host.

Bike Hand Master Link Tool YC-355CO

$ 15.00
Advanced tool for both open and close the chain master link. Patent design.

Bike Hand Oversized Adjustable Saw Guide YC-112LW

$ 38.00
Guide hack saw to cut steerers. Airfoil shaped seat posts up to 80mm or round tube from 25.4mm to 45mm in diameter

Bike Hand Saw Guide Set YC-112

$ 35.00
YC-112 can be used on 25.4 / 28.6 / 31.8mm threadless fork and 21.5 mm handlebar.

Bike Hand Tire Clamp YC-3126

$ 16.00
Tire clamp is a outstanding design for install heavy duty tire.

Bottom Bracket Tool for Left BB Cup BB45A

$ 16.00

Made of Cr-Mo steel.CP finish.

Made in Taiwan

Bottom bracket tool, Shimano & ISIS Drive compatible

$ 13.90

Made of Cr-Mo steel. For use with 1/2 ” driver and 24mm spanner.

Made in Taiwan

Cable stretcher

$ 15.00

Cable stretcher,with a thumb lock to hold the cable tight

Cartridge BB and chainwheel tool BB21

$ 16.00

Shimano & ISIS Drive compatible.

Made of Cr-Mo steel.

For use with 36mm spanner.