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BB and headset locking tool BB31

$ 12.00

Made of Cr-Mo steel. CP finish.

Made in Taiwan

Bengal B020T Hydraulic Hose Cutter

$ 19.50

Using the knife or scissors may lead to the hose out of shape but B020T mark it easier for you to cut the host.

Bottom Bracket Tool for Left BB Cup BB45A

$ 16.00

Made of Cr-Mo steel.CP finish.

Made in Taiwan

Bottom bracket tool, Shimano & ISIS Drive compatible

$ 13.90

Made of Cr-Mo steel. For use with 1/2 ” driver and 24mm spanner.

Made in Taiwan

Cable stretcher

$ 15.00

Cable stretcher,with a thumb lock to hold the cable tight

Cartridge BB and chainwheel tool BB21

$ 16.00

Shimano & ISIS Drive compatible.

Made of Cr-Mo steel.

For use with 36mm spanner.

Cyclife Chain Assembly Hook

$ 5.50

Made of steel. CP finish

Made in Taiwan

Cyclife Spoke Wrench

$ 7.50

Size: 3.2/3.3/3.4/3.9mm