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Bicycle Repair Stand (4 Legs) with Tool Tray

$ 89.00

Price: $79.00

This Repair Stand is really convenient for maintain your bicycle in any position which is convenient for you to work.

  • Material: Steel(Frame) + PP(Tray)
  • Max Load: Up to 50KG


Cylion Tire Sealer for bike

$ 6.90

Feature :adopt international top raw materials, environmental safety without corrosion, favorbale effect , and easy to use . It is design for bike tube and tube less , the bottle cap with small tools can easy to open the valve core , lengthen the working life of the tire . It can patch the tire …
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Hydraulic Pressure Brake Oil

$ 4.90

The base oil imports from USA,inspect by the advanced precision equipment.

Brake fluid for bicycle.

P6-02 (mineral oil)BK1302

Suitable for Shimano, Magura, Tektro & Giant.

P6-03(DOT synthetic oil)BK1303

Suitable for Avid, Formula, Hayes, & Hope.


Liqui Moly Bike Chain Oil Dry Lube 100ML

$ 24.80


Especially for lubrication and care of bike chains under dry and dusty conditions.

Liqui Moly Bike Chain Oil Wet Lube 100ML

$ 13.10


Especially for lubrication and care of bike chains under wet or moist conditions.

Liqui Moly Bike Chain Spray 400ML

$ 19.60

– Very water-repellent

– Does not attack plastics, paints and metals

– Prevents squeaks

– High wear resistance

– Biologically degradable

– Good adhesion

– Good corrosion protection


Liqui Moly Bike Cleaner 1L

$ 26.20


For complete cleaning of bikes and carbon parts.

Liqui Moly Bike Tyre Fix 75ML

$ 12.90

– Subsequent tire repair possible

– Rapid remedy for punctures without dismantling

– Simple to use


Liqui Moly Rapid Cleaner (Spray) 500ML

$ 11.00


– Absolutely free of chlorine

– Contains no acetone

– Controlled evaporation free of residues

– Dissolves resin and tar-type residues

– High proportion of active components

– Leaves no residues

– Low surface tension

– Optimum penetration capacity

– Optimizes economical use

– Removes oil and grease-based contaminants

– Universal application

Quick Release Chain Keeper

$ 38.00

Designed to maintain chain tension during cleaning, storing and transporting frames with out the wheel in.
Adjustable to fit both road (130 mm) and MTB (135 mm) frame Quick-release lever allows for fast and easy installation and removal.

Stainless Steel & 3K Carbon Axle