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Soomom Women’s Cycling Padded Long Pants (SM49)


Size:  L /  XL / 2XL


Product Description

Special for women, personal comfort, breathable and quick-drying, elastic excellent.
Suitable for casual riding, riding excursions, night riding, mild off-road and others.  Description:Selena is specialized for women, systemic use of larger elastic stretch material OCEAN-EFPE, it is quick-drying, breathable and comfortable seat, thigh side adapts breathable mesh design, to ensure the comfort of the thigh, abdomen using a “V” no restraint design, reduce abdominal coppression.
Material: OCEAN-EFPE is quick-drying stretch material.
Cut: 3D cutting, comfortable self-cultivation.
Pad:(Soomom brade) ST-MULTI Women pad.
Anti-cursor: Soomom LOGO use anti-cursor designed to ensure safe riding at night.


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