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2 in 1 Quick Release Chain Keeper

$ 38.00

Designed to maintain chain tension during cleaning, storing and transporting frames with out the wheel in.
Adjustable to fit both road (130 mm) and MTB (135 mm) frame Quick-release lever allows for fast and easy installation and removal.

Stainless Steel & 3K Carbon Axle


BB and headset locking tool BB31

$ 12.00

Made of Cr-Mo steel. CP finish.

Made in Taiwan

Bike Hand 1/4″ Torque wrench 2-24Nm & Socket bit set YC-617-2S

$ 79.00

Band / Model: Bike Hand / YC-617-2S

1/4″ Square driver Range 2-24NM

Size: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/T20/T25/T30/5mm-L  10 functions.

Made in Taiwan

Bike Hand Adjustable chain remover YC-324SC

$ 24.00

YC-324SC suitable for UG, HG,Hp,3/16″& 3/8″ BMX/Freestyle and compatible with any chain including 11 speeds.

Bike Hand Cable Cutter YC-767

$ 19.50

YC-767 is recommended for all bike cable including ISIS, SP outer casing. It prevents fraying.

Bike Hand Crank Arm Tool YC-215A with 8mm Hex

$ 16.00

YC-215A is a crank puller tool with 8mm allen key and removes crank arm from Shimano spline , oversized B.B. and ISIS Drive

Bike Hand Hex Key Wrench Set YC-613-6C

$ 12.00

2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm hex key wrenches

Bike Hand Master Link Tool YC-355CO

$ 15.00
Advanced tool for both open and close the chain master link. Patent design.

Bike Hand Oversized Adjustable Saw Guide YC-112LW

$ 38.00
Guide hack saw to cut steerers. Airfoil shaped seat posts up to 80mm or round tube from 25.4mm to 45mm in diameter

Bike Hand Saw Guide Set YC-112

$ 35.00
YC-112 can be used on 25.4 / 28.6 / 31.8mm threadless fork and 21.5 mm handlebar.